Looking for a room with a view?


Take a look at this spacious 1,100+ sq ft condo in Surrey.

Located in High Rise Living at the Top, this condo is located on the 21st floor- with just the penthouses above!



Features include:

Large, spacious rooms...

Big bright kithen...


Great deck with room for a BBQ!

... And a beautiful view from above!

For more photos and information about this listing, click here

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The Summer is definitely the busy season in the real estate industry!


The stats are out for June from the FVREB. Find out how the local market is doing, and what this means for buyers & sellers.


Some report highlights:


- There is a surge in demand for single family homes & townhomes in most Fraser Valley communitites


- The #1 buyer for this property type is families with children 


- As tracked by the MLS home price index (detached, towhouse, and condos combined), the benchmark price for a 'typical' residential propertyincreased 1.3% over June of last year


- According to the MLS HPI the benchmark price for towhouses decreased 0.3% over June of last year 


According to Ray Werger, President of the Board: “Recent news reports indicate that consumer optimism about real estate is at its highest level in a number of years and we’re experiencing that at the ground level". That's good news for the local market.


For more information and to view the full June report by the FVREB, click here.


Want to know more about the local market? Have questions about specific areas or property types? 

We're happy to answer all of your questions to make sure you find a home that's right for you and help you sell your home fast.


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Just listed!


Beautiful 4 level split in Morningside Estates


5 bedrooms - 3 bathrooms

3,221 sq ft on a 14,723 sq ft lot

Enjoy vaulted ceilings, large rooms, hardwood floors, and spacious updated kitchen!


Here's a few photos:


For more photos and information, click here.


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We're so lucky in BC to have salmon and other delicious fish to enjoy fresh in the Summer. (Did you know the salmon run this year is supposed to be the largest return in 4 years?).


Enjoy some delicious hot weather plates- like this one for sea bass,  fennel & grapefruit ceviche- with these recipes from the expert himself, Jamie Oliver.



Click here to see 100+ amazing fish recipes from Jamie Oliver- perfect to be enjoyed in the beautiful BC Summer weather!


Are you dreaming of a house with a large yard for entertaining? Hosting Summer bbqs? Or maybe a condo with a deck with a view? We'd love to help you find your next dream home!


Contact us to get your search started!


Image Source: Jamie Oliver


Detached single family homes are in high demand in the local market. If you're thinking of selling it's a great opportunity to maximize what you can get for your home. 


By highlighting the assets of your homes to buyers- especially if you're trying to appeal to a certain demographic, such as families- can help you sell your home fast and for the price you want. Here are some tips from Forbes to help you maximize the value of your home:


1. Differentiate from the neighbors

This is especially important when you live in an area with multiple homes for sale. What sets it apart from the competition?

2.Clear the Clutter.

Keep your house tidy (but keep some soft touches to keep it homey feeling) for viewings and open houses. This way potential buyers can focus on the house, not the objects in it.

3.Sweeten the Deal

If you're really motivated to sell, make your home a more appealing option by offering to chip in- or pay all of- the closing costs. Being flexible on closing date may also help attract buyers who may need a quick closing date (or extra time so they can sell their home).

4. Improve Curb Appeal

First impressions are important. A tidy lawn and garden shows care and attention to maintenance. Help buyers feel confident about the upkeep of your home from the inside out.

5. Get Your Home in 'Move In' Condition

Address minor repairs, frshen paint, ensure appliances are in working order, and any other 'fix- it' projects which may detract from the appeal of your home to buyers (the more move- in ready and less work to the buyer can be a big selling feature, especially for busy families).

6. Pricing It Right

No matter how much time and money you have invested into your home, pricing it right will have a huge impact on buyer interest. Your realtor can help you determine a competitive price based on recent sales in the area, the local market, and the state of your home.

To view the full artilce from Forbes, click here.

Getting ready to sell your home? Have questions? Need advice? We're happy to help you get your home ready to sell and price it well to help it sell fast. Contact us today to schedule a meeting. 


Image Source: Family Tree Counseling 


Wouldn't you love to live closer to this?


Come check out our open house this Saturday from 1- 3pm at 

204 15070 Prospect Drive

and find out what makes living in White Rock so special.

Some highlights of this beautiful condo include:

- 2 separate outdoor areas

- updates throughout

- high ceilings & large, bright rooms

- stainless steel appliances


For more information about this listing, click here


Image Source:



It's Summer- time to enjoy the great outdoors! If you're like us, you enjoy anything that involves a lake: sipping wine, fishing, boating, or simply lounging with a good book. 


We're lucky that here in BC we have so much natual beauty and plenty of lakes that are close to home, perfect for day trips (and of course many more better suited for some BC family vacations that require a longer drive, but are well worth the trip!). This Summer, get outside and enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer!


Hicks Lake

Click here to see some of the beautiful lakes that are worth a visit. We live in beautiful BC- now get out there and see where it gets it's nickname from!


Some popular local choices include Allouete, Alice, Buntzen, and Cultus Lake. What's your favourite?



Image Sources:

Wooden Doodads


In a new report by the BCREA, housing demand in BC is forecast to rise in 2015. This anticipated sales increase will result from a variety of key factors. Here are some report highlights:



- MLS residential sales in BC are forecast to increase by 76,700 units this year; an increase of 5.2 %


- Consumer demand is expected to increase through the second half of 2014 and into 2015


- For 2015, MLS residential sales are anticipated to increase by a further 81,800 units; an increase of 6.7%

Due to stronger economic conditions

- Improved economic growth at home and abroad including the US, China, and Japan, will increase the price of commodities and improve BC exports and economic strength as a result

This will lead to increased consumer spending & job growth

- In most areas of the province, the housing market has balanced, with prices edging higher

Consumer demand was up 20% in the first quarter of 2014 compared to the same period last year

- Low interest rates & improved economic conditions are anticipated to lead to an extended period of growing demand and prices inching higher

The average  MLS residential listing price in BC is antisipated to increase 4.3% to $560,000 this year and a further 2% in 2015 to $571,000

To view the full report by the BCREA, click here


Are you curious about the value of your home? What dows economic growth mean to you and how does the economy affect house prices? Contact us today and we'd be happy to answer your questions. 


Chart Source: BCREA 


If you've been looking for a condo in the South Surrey/ White Rock area, this may be the place for you! 


With updates throughout, this apartment features granite counters, stainless steel appliances, a private entry, and just under 1,500 square feet of space. Added bonuses are the two private outdoor spaces and partial ocean views, making this condo is a great value!


Enjoy the Sumer on this stunning patio!



HIgh ceilings and large rooms make this a spacious place to call home.


Complete with a beautiful kitchen featuring granite counters & stainless steel applinces.



Click here for more information and photos.

Contact us today to request more information and to book a private viewing.


BBQ season is in full swing! Everyone has their classic favourites, but tossing in some new ideas keeps your Summer entertaining fresh and exciting. We love a good BBQ- especially following a round of golf or day at the lake!- and no Summer is complete without firing up the barbie!


Here's a few recipes to try out this Summer. Time to get sizzlin!



Looking for a house with a deck to hone your BBQ skills? A great patio to enjoy outdoor dining? A little piece of property? Contact us to inquire about our current listings or let us know what you're looking for; we'll help you track down a home that's perfect for you!



Image Source: Catch My Party

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